A couple updates in July

For the last several months, we’ve been working with many people to localize the website, making it accessible to people who speak languages other than English.

We’re still prototyping it but I’m pleased to announce that, our first language (other than English) is now available for the website, French, with help from 2 individuals who speak French.

More languages are on the way such as Danish, Spanish and German.

These translations are made possible due to volunteers. If you would be willing to help us localize the website into a language you know, please Contact Us. We have a system set up to make translations easier and it also allows collaboration, so help offered for a language already being translated will also be welcome.

Keep in mind that although localization covers most of the website, it won’t cover the news section as I feel that would be too much for both the localizers and I.

I also fixed a glitch that would sometimes log people out when they tried to update their profile. Sorry! I’m sure that frustrated people.