Web Directory Listings have been Updated

It’s been a while since I first created the Web Directory (formerly known as the Master Link Directory), initially with 372 entries of websites relating to Vampires, Donors, Otherkin and Therians.

It’s now been about 10 months since its initial release and over 100 new entries have been added but the original entries haven’t been checked on in some time, so I’ve decided to go through all the links, making sure that all details are current.

So as of the 17th of June, 2018, the Web Directory is current!

Now for fun statistics!

Out of 493 entries:

  • 11 have fallen inactive, showing no signs of activity within a year; but
  • 5 have become active again after years of silence!
  • 35 have completely died and are no longer accessible; but
  • 5 have come back from death!

At first it seems as though the number of websites is decreasing but this doesn’t account for the new entries regularly entered into the Web Directory.

As always if you would like to recommend a website or would like something corrected, please Contact Us.