New Major Updates Feb 2019

It’s been 2 years since the last updates to the website as most of the work on this update was back-end. Among many back-end changes, all 50,000 lines of code were rewritten from scratch, and many bugs and security issues were fixed. It felt necessary as the codebase had become an utter mess.

There were also some improvements to user’s privacy.


We’ve had a Discord server since September ’19. I forgot to mention it on the website so here it is.


For wholeness’ sake, the passing of Damon Fergusson was never mentioned on the website, but on our Facebook instead, so I’d like to mention it here also.

Our beloved team member Damon Fergusson (AKA DerMeister) passed away around April ’19. He was a pillar of The Black Books and a great mentor, and is still sorely missed.