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HQ V Sanguinarius by Sangi
HQ V Amino: Sanguine by Vamdhreghyrik Lord, Eons Away“Requires a mobile app.”
V Noctalium by Mistwolf
V Facebook: Memphis Vampire Court by Gia Ahlia Bathory
V The Black Books by Elizabeth Hopka“The website you’re on right now.”
V Vampyrbibliothek by Heshthot S
V Facebook: Vampire Science by Arafel Si, Jane More
V Sanguinarian Research by Sarah Mediv
V Real Vampire Life by John Reason’s
V Facebook: @vampirefragments by Spurn Skyggesuk
V Facebook: @BaltimoreVampireCourt by Jessica Lovelace
V Facebook: @RavenHeartEst1999 by Sylvia Raven Nagel
V Merticus by Merticus
V Twitter: @VampFragments by Spurn Skyggesuk
V Vamp
V YouTube: Geszelda by Geszelda
V YouTube: Logan South by Logan South
V Realvampires Subreddit by LizzyHop
V Vampires Are Real by Darian
V Google: Real Vampires and Donors by Jarandhel Dreamsinger
V The Vampire Community by DarkFess
V SphynxCatVP by SphynxCat
V House Valur by Octarine Valur
V Vampire Freaks by Jet
V The Graveyard Press by Deacongray
V Facebook: @MemphisVampireCourt by Logan South, Erishkagal Bathory-Von Ecsed
V Facebook: Vampire and Otherkin Community by Rei Tadashi Fermil, Damien Ferguson
V Vampirismo Real by Hermes Hadenes
V La Tana Di Darlk by Jacob Natur
V The Sydney Vampires Meetup Group by Jason De Marco“A mix of real vampires and lifestylers.”
V Facebook: @vampirbibliothek by Heshthot Sordul
V House Quinotaur“They’re called House Quinotaur, but they call themselves an organization.”
V Facebook: Vampire and Swans Cafe by JP Vanir Peebles, Elise Michelle Lomax
V Facebook: @sauromatos by Mikhail Namstrj
V Inside Real Vampires by Horus Sat
V Facebook: Donors VwV by Ma Sok Chi
V Vampire Radio by Cancer
V Vampire Church by Damien Daville, LA Judge
V Facebook: Blood Vampire’s Haven by Rei Tadashi Fermil, Damien Ferguson
V Vampyrian Temple UVUP by JP Vanir
V Claret Vitale“Blood shop. I’m unsure as to the safety and legality of this service. Take care.”
V Vampire Forum“Account activation but email doesn’t work.”
V Shadow Lore by Grim
V Vampyre Bytes by Samael Anathan
V The Sanctuary by Sonne Spiritwind
V By Light Unseen by Vyrdolak
House Eclipse by Raven OrthaeVelve
V Psychic Vampire by Lono F Vespertilio
V Vampire Haven by Sabrasachi
V The Learned Vampire by Stephanie Freer
V Magia Posthuma by Niels K. Petersen
V Vampire Unification Association by Jonathan Courtney
V Wraithly Communal by Ana Massien
V Old Girl by Sasha
V Blood and Coffee by Kelandris the Mad
V Vampire Website“This website is exceptionally controversial. Take it with a grain of salt.”
V The Lair of a Lesbian Vampire by Tristen Blackwell
V The Vampire Codex by Michelle Belanger
V Vampiric studies by Catherine NightPoe
’90 Links to Real Vampire Sites“WARNING: May cause seizures (the background is a gif of lightning bolts).”
V Vampires by TheCheezman
V Wraitli Exbuis by Ana Massien
V European Night by Gwennifer
V Vampire Girl by Ana Massien
V Blood Moon Studios by w3rew0lfgirl99
V Ana Massien by Ana Massien
V Real Vampires by V Luna
V Awake and Drink by Zane Robinson“Poor Quality as the link to the forums and the chatroom aren’t effective.”
V The Dhampire by Lana Lundy
V The Black Rose by Widow
V Ordo Sekhemu by Vicutus
V Winged Wolf by Winged Wolf
V Vampyre ConneXion by Vampyre Master
V Psi-Vamp by Psy
V Vampyre Connexion New by Master Vampyre
V Blogfree: LIRV“Blacklisted due to intrusive popups leading to potential malware-related website.”
V YouTube: by Father Sebastiaan
V House Etherium by Isealdor
V Real Vampire Community by Ana Massien
V Sabre Tooth by Aaron Todd Hoyt
V Sabre Tooth Clan by Aaron Todd Hoyt
V Silent Minion by Dark Jade
V Choronzon by Kel
V Slad
V Simply Dark by Sasha
V Vampire Hall by Slash
V House of Havoc by VampireIzak, Jason Lord Havoc, Lee Havoc
V Drak
V Aneria Romana by Aneria Romana
V Shadow Land by Elisabetha
V Vampire Izidari by Izidari
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