A New Name
We have changed the name of our services to “The Black Books” from “Real Vampire Directory”. We believe that our new name will be more fitting for the services we provide both at present and in the… Read more
By Elizabeth Hopka, 27th of January 2018.
A real vampire sub-reddit
/r/realvampires is now under moderation by me (Elizabeth Hopka) after the Subreddit was abandoned by its previous moderators some time ago. The Subreddit has been updated with new rules, recommende… Read more
By Elizabeth Hopka, 19th of December 2017.
RVD Changes: New looks and more features
We have brought many changes to the Real Vampire Directory over the last couple months in an ongoing effort to provide greater services to the community. Here’s what we’ve been up to. Feed Direct… Read more
By Elizabeth Hopka, 15th of December 2017.
Major renovations, expect technical issues
Major changes are currently in development across the website to accommodate for a new project. These should be completed within a week but until then, expect some functionality to be temporarily impa… Read more
By Elizabeth Hopka, 3rd of October 2017.
RVD has opened three new positions
Real Vampire Directory has come to a point where it can, and in fact needs to, take on team members in order to further develop. There are many new developments coming up shortly so if you’re interest… Read more
By Elizabeth Hopka, 27th of September 2017.
John Reason’s Real Vampire Life has interviewed me
Tim Bey from John Reason’s Real Vampire Life, a news source for Real Vampires, conducted an interview with me a few days ago. In the interview available here, we discuss the Real Vampire Directory … Read more
By Elizabeth Hopka, 25th of September 2017.