Submit a finished work which you are the author of (or have permissions to submit). The work will then be considered and may be listed in the library.


  • You must be the author, or you must have permissions to share it.
  • The work must have been proof-read and free of spelling and grammatical errors.
  • The work must be in the form of a sharable file (e.g. PDF, DOC etc.).
  • The work must be formatted and should include:
    • A title
    • An author
    • Copyright information
    • Citations for any information you use
    • (Optional) A table of contents
    • (Optional) Page numbering
  • The work must contain a copyright which allows others to share and display your work (e.g. Creative Commons License) but the level of restriction beyond that is up to you. Find out more
If you would like to submit something which hasn't been formatted at all, click here.

Submit a Work