What is a Library?/

In this context, libraries are places (e.g. A webpage or place) which hosts a collection of literary works that are available to the community.

Literary works can be, for example:

  • Instructionals
  • Poems
  • Research
  • Biographies
  • And other non-fiction genres

The majority of the works are easily downloadable and have licenses which allow sharing, printing and displaying.

This model promotes works and helps to preserve them, and you are encouraged to host your own.

Why Host a Library?/

Libraries provide the community with sources of educational information which can be downloaded and possibly printed to share or for their own personal use.

There have been many sites in the past which have contained helpful texts and articles, but have since disappeared, losing important works and making it significantly harder to track down advice and helpful information.

While libraries aren’t the whole solution to this, they can certainly help in making information more accessible to both those who may need it and those who want to build on it.


The following guidelines are recommended:

  • The library should only host non-fiction works.
  • The majority of works should be downloadable and formatted suitable for printing.
  • All works should have copyright which allows anybody to download, share and display the work. A form of Creative Commons License is recommended.
  • An account or form of registration should not be required to download a work.
  • The library shouldn’t charge an amount for people to access and download works.
  • Works should be directly related to vampires and/or donors.

That being said, you’re free to run a library however you want and this model holds no hierarchy, it only proposes a way to benefit the community.