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Real Vampires

Are vampires really real?

Vampires are really really real, however nothing like what is seen in movies and read in books.

The general population associates "vampire" with the stereotypical vampire from fictional books and movies, which can cause misunderstandings when an individual claims to identify as a vampire.

In fact, real vampires are just individuals who require blood/energy from external sources regularly in order to remain healthy and functional and for many, it is a serious and debilitating condition.

Although there are many who idolize and fetishize fictional vampirism, and from that claim to be one, I implore you to not let those people stop you from approaching this topic with an open mind.

Are there any inner-circle, high-council-type groups?

The short answer is no. There may be some groups that claim to be, but very few vampire groups adhere to any form of authority or hierarchy in the community.

Vampire organizations and groups are limited to providing structure and influence to others and attempts to become hierarchical are generally frowned upon.

Are there members of the community that pretend to be vampires?

Yes, there will always be "posers" in the community.

There are some posers (and even some vampires) in the community which tend to use the awe of vampirism for attention by adhering to, and reinforcing stereotypical vampire behavior found in books and movies.

These people are generally considered detrimental to the whole vampire community.

Are there modern day slayers?

Well there are psychotic people, some who are dangerous. Also the correct term would be murder instead of "slaying" and would be accompanied with a hefty prison sentence.

Are there vampires who believe their condition is only medical?

There are many sanguinarian vampires who believe that their condition is purely medical and that there must be a scientific cause for their condition.

These vampires can be known as "Medical Sanguinarians" (sometimes abbreviated as "Medsang").

Are vampires immortal?

In the sense of being physically immortal, no. However, some vampires believe in reincarnation, which could be seen as a kind of immortality.

Very few vampires online claim to be physically immortal, and when they do, it's usually a claim without basis and often written with a 12-year old's grammar.

Are vampires really allergic to the sun?

There is a tendency for vampires to have photophobia and photosensitivity, however not all vampires experience this.

The severity of these symptoms differs between vampires, from experiencing discomfort in the sun to developing blisters. For some, it worsens when they haven't fed in a while.

Can a vampire drink another vampire's blood?

Yes, however personally speaking, it would take a lot of convincing for me to give up mine.

Do vampire communities associate with any other types of communities?

Not usually, but some vampire communities have been known to share space with otherkin and therians.

Do vampires always have fangs?

No. Some vampires will have pointy teeth the same way as some humans will, but that's as far as it goes.

Do vampires get hurt as easily as humans?

Yes, however some vampires believe that they recover quicker from injury than most humans.

Do vampires get old and wrinkly like my mum?

Yes. Vampires age and die as humans do, however some believe there is a tendency for vampires to appear younger than they are by about 10 years.

Do vampires hate crosses and garlic?


Do vampires have any powers?

No. We're just regular people. For those who believe in energy manipulation:

Some vampires believe that we have a natural aptitude for energy manipulation, however humans are also able to manipulate energy.

Do you like being a vampire? I mean if you could, would you like to be a normal human?

To answer personally: I don't want to have this debilitating condition, but I feel like my vampirism is such a large part of me that to remove it would make me a completely different person and that doesn't compute with me.

Some vampires see it as a burden and don't want to be a vampire. Some are pretty neutral about it and accept that that's just the way they are, and some embrace it.

Do you really drink human blood?

Some do. Sanguinarian vampires feed solely on blood and when a donor isn't available, some substitute human blood with animal blood, although for most sanguinarians, animal blood isn't as potent.

Does drinking blood make you live longer?


How do I become a vampire?

You donít. Vampires are vampires from birth. Besides, for many vampires, it can be a debilitating condition.

How do I know if I'm a vampire?

The short answer is: If you find that you are unable to remain healthy or functional without regularly feeding on blood or energy, and after consulting with all relevant medical professionals, you still have been unable to remedy your condition, then it might pay to start considering you're a vampire.

How do vampires get their blood?

Sanguinarians get their blood from consenting donors.

The process is done in an ethical manner with screening of STDs to ensure that there is no risk of STD transmission.

Some sanguinarians who are temporarily without a donor may resort to animal's blood. This has a varying effectiveness among vampires and can be quite dangerous, with risks of bacterial or parasitical infection.

How does drinking blood affect you?

Personally, I feel very relaxed and calm. I feel a strong sense of euphoria and all of my "withdrawal symptoms" cease.

The feeling of being relaxed is so strong that I appear somewhat drunk to others and it becomes difficult to do anything except lie down and enjoy how amazing it feels.

How many types of vampires are there?

The most common types are:
- Sanguinarian (Feeds solely on blood)
- Psi (Feeds solely on energy from people)
- Hybrid (Feeds on both blood and energy from people)

The least common type is Elemental (feeds on stormy weather and plants).

Definitions and terminology differ across the community, so it's important to keep in mind that this is just one collection of definitions among many.

How much blood does a vampire drink?

Most sanguinarian vampires feed on a weekly basis but some drink more/less frequently than others.

Also the amount of blood vampires drink in one sitting varies wildly. I know vampires who only need a few teaspoons worth and other vampires who need a pint.

Is a vampire's bite orgasmic?

A Vampire's bite is no different to a Mundane's bite.

What do vampires believe?

Vampires come from all different walks of life and therefore the Greater Vampire Community comprises people of different religions, ethnicities, cultures and beliefs.

We also have different ideas and thoughts on what causes us to be the way we are.

What do vampires eat for breakfast?

I don't know about you, but I enjoy a bowl of cornflakes. With milk of course.

What happens if a vampire bites you?

You'll probably exclaim "Ow!", that's about it.

What is a Donor?

A Donor is an individual who regularly donates blood, energy or both to Vampires.

If a Donor is wanting to donate blood, they will need to be screened for STDs before donating.

Donors are equally respected in most Vampire groups.

What is a vampire?

A vampire is an individual who regularly requires blood/energy from external sources in order to remain healthy and functional.

What is awakening?

Awakening is different for every vampire but I'll try and get the general details down.

It is a process that typically occurs shortly after a person has finished going through puberty, but people have been known to "awaken" at all ages.

Is is a process in which a person realizes they're a vampire, accompanied with gradual changes to themselves such as "the thirst".

Depending on the individual, there may also be physical, mental and spiritual changes.

What's it like being a vampire?

It's a difficult question to answer. It would be similar to me asking you "What's it like to be mundane/human?".

In terms of the need for energy, I feel that it's similar to being addicted to a drug except that you can never ease off of it, you receive no sympathy from others and you're mocked and ridiculed for trying to seek help.

That's the only aspect of the question I can really answer.


Can anyone register an account?

To register an account you must either be a vampire, donor or both.

People who falsely claim to be a donor or vampire will be banned.

How does the Master Link Directory's rating system work.

The rating system is automatic and is based completely off the tags assigned to it. For more information, please click here.

Is this a role-playing website?


What is the Feed Directory?

The Feed Directory is a directory of people and groups consisting of vampires and donors.

The directory is feed-centered, having a primary focus of connecting vampires who need with donors who want to give.

Only Vampires and Donors are permitted to register for the feed directory.

What is the Web Directory?

The Web Directory is a directory of websites regarding vampires, donors, otherkin and therians.

The directory hosted here is one of the most comprehensive VDOT directories out there and is updated bi-annually.
Some of these questions (but not answers) were influenced by Sanguinarius' FAQ section which is no longer up and running.