The Black Books Interview with Jeanette

After our recent, increased involvement in Germany and it’s communities, Jeanette from the Nexus Noctis reached out, interested in interviewing us, which was an exciting opportunity. The German copy of the interview has been published by the Nexus Noctis but you’ll find the English version below.


What gave you the idea to create your website?

Elizabeth: When I decided to register on online directories for help in finding a source, I noticed that all of the directories I could find either lacked important functionality or no longer worked. My idea was to create a more modern and functional directory for myself and others.

While I was creating that, I noticed how difficult it was to network with and find other websites, so I originally started mapping out and cataloguing all of the relevant websites on paper. After cataloguing 372 websites, I decided to put it online for others to use, as well.

In result, I ended up creating the things I needed most when I was first awakening.

The Black Books has since grown and is now being managed under a team comprised of people from different countries, types and philosophies.

What is the core of your website?

TBB Team: Our core is the Feed Directory which pairs sangs (i.e. Sanguinarians), psis and hybrids with donors.

The Feed Directory is still growing, with over 250 registrants spanning 5 different continents.

Registrants can list what they need (i.e. energy, blood) or what they’re willing to give, as well as other information such as how they can be contacted and their approximate location. The approximate location of registrants are placed on an interactive map so it’s easier to see who is local to you. We hope that the Feed Directory continues to grow and improve as a helpful tool for sangs/psis/hybrids and donors globally.

Note: Although the rest of the website is open to everyone, the Feed Directory is only open to sangs, psis, hybrids and donors.

What other elements make your website interesting for the VC?

TBB Team: Other than the Feed Directory, there is the:

Web Directory: An updated catalogue of around 500 websites within the VC. Listings can be sorted by type, country, rating and other miscellaneous tags. People can submit websites there for us to catalogue. With the Web Directory, we hope that it will help people find informational and interesting websites in the VC without having to spend too much time and effort.

Library: A collection of literary works by various authors within the VC, edited into PDFs which can be downloaded and printed. People can suggest works to be edited or submit works themselves. All books in the library are licensed to be free to download, use and share. Each book is also edited to be easily downloaded and even printed as a book.

FAQ: A section typically useful to those awakening or curious. People can post their own questions to be answered there. The FAQ is designed to provide concise introductory material about the VC, feeding etc. for those who are new to these concepts.

Meeting Guidelines: A section dedicated to safety when meeting up and feeding for both blood and energy. Many people from the VC helped contribute to making this as informational as possible. It discusses many safety topics, such as blood-screening, STDs, over-feeding, blood storage etc.

What is the main goal of TBB?

TBB Team: TBB’s primary focus is to pair donors with the sang, psis, and/or hybrids that need them, achieved via the Feed Directory.

We also focus on providing informational content via the Library and FAQ, and helping people connect via the Web Directory.

With the team coming from different types, cultures and walks of life, we define sangs, psis and hybrids as “individuals who regularly require blood/energy from external sources in order to remain healthy and functional.”, and our philosophies for TBB unites into one central cause: To help our kind as much as possible by helping to provide what we believe to be most needed.

That is:

  • To help sangs, psis & hybrids feed, and feed safely.
  • To help sangs, psis & hybrids connect.
  • To aid sangs, psis & hybrids in their journey of self-exploration.
  • To help sangs, psis & hybrids awaken.
  • To raise awareness of our kind and battle misconceptions.

Who do you want to reach out to?

TBB Team: The Black books is open for those who find our directories and services useful.

Since our core element, the Feed Directory, is a networking tool for connecting people seeking feeding relationships, we do want to reach out to sangs, psis & hybrids as well as donors.

In many cases, donors are friends who will help out but don’t necessarily enjoy the process or do it for other people. We hope this can reach people who actually have an interest in donating, and allow them to contact sangs, psis & hybrids – and feed – safely and for that explicit purpose without having to rely on communities outside of the VC. We also hope it can encourage people to donate.

With our other services (e.g. Library, Web Directory, FAQ etc.) we hope to reach the awakening, black swans or anyone who may be curious.

Who is not welcome?

TBB Team: Regarding the Feed Directory, it is intended for sangs, psis, hybrids and donors. The service is not to be used for roleplaying or anything other than feeding or donating and we try to keep it that way, though we acknowledge the challenges of ultimately deciding who is or isn’t allowed from within a community of such widespread ideologies, philosophies and beliefs.

Other than that, the other sections (e.g. Web Directory, Library, FAQ, Meeting Guidelines etc.) are open to all.

Is there a minimum age for being a member?

TBB Team: The Black Books is +18 exclusively.

Is there something else you want to tell us?

There are many improvements we are looking to implement in the future, including:

  • Greater Feed Directory functionality, including end-to-end encrypted chat functionality, a notification system and greater profile customizability.
  • Mobile apps
  • A larger Library
  • More localizations

In regards to mobile apps, an iOS app for TBB is currently in development.

We’d also like to mention that TBB is always happy to welcome new ideas and help from time to time. Please feel free to check out our Positions page regarding that.

Thanks to all the people on our team who are working on the website, localizing the services into more languages and managing our communities.

We’d like to thank Jeanette for the interview and the opportunity for us to share our website and goals.


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The Black Books Team