RVD Changes: New looks and more features

We have brought many changes to the Real Vampire Directory over the last couple months in an ongoing effort to provide greater services to the community. Here’s what we’ve been up to.

Feed Directory

A New Look: We’ve given it a new layout and revised the icons.

Added a Map: Now you can easily see others’ approximate locations relative to your own.

Added Chat: This is to ease the process of connecting with others when the directory grows.

Complete Revision and a Different Purpose: The Directory (now known as the “Feed Directory”) has been revised with the sole focus of connecting Donors to Vampires. This means that only Donors and Vampires are now allowed.


A New Look: Profiles are now displayed in a concise and neat manner.

More information: Profiles now support more information such as Preferred Feeding Methods and Feeding Experience.

“Request Contact” Feature: The Request Contact button allows you to send a message to their email without the receiver’s email being shown.



A New Look: Reducing the clutter.

That’s about it for groups!








FAQ Section

In light of Sanguinarius.org‘s FAQ section going down, I decided to make one myself as FAQs serve as great introductory material for outsiders or newly awakened who want to learn more.

Many of the questions were influenced by Sanguinarius’ old FAQ questions, but the answers were answered by me (Elizabeth Hopka).


Other Changes

  • More websites were added to the Web Directory (over 100 additional entries since it was released) and the filter list was simplified.
  • The entire website now uses a darker color theme, which should help with users who are sensitive to brightness.

That’s all for now. There’s many more exciting changes to come, and we won’t stop until we deliver the best services we can for the community.