Using your Data

We only use your personal information to administer your account and to provide the services you have requested from us.

Contacting You

We may contact you by the email you provide us during registration for the purposes of administrating your account. We may also email you regular newsletters only if you enable that option in your account's settings. It is deactivated by default. Lastly, we may contact you to let you know that someone in the Directory wishes to make contact with you. Since this is the primary reason for registering an account, there is no specific setting to opt-out of this. Instead, consider either hiding your profile or deleting your account in your Settings page. We will email you for no other reasons.

Sharing your Data

None of the data we collect from you is provided to anyone outside of the organization.


Your visits to the website are anonmymized and recorded. The time of your visit, the page you visit and sometimes what site linked to ours (referrer) are logged, along with a unique identifier.

Your unique identifier is your IP address and what kind of browser you're using hashed together. Hashing them destroys such information so I, or anyone else cannot tell your IP address or browser by looking at the identifier. Thus it remains anonymous.

Example of a visit log:
visit_id date identifier page referrer
34 2020-08-13 00:04:09 70990ac93211ecffa26b608f03c5270a6b2b47eaa7f87502fb83c546bbe3224b6bf0099accac4744b9ff83d1913a3d6f1e88c8fb50de4efe9e15b69e76ea1365 /privacy-notice/ NULL